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A BEAUTY SECRET WITH 2 CENTURIES HISTORY - VIIcode is a royal brand that was born in the 18th century and managed to survive through time! This wonderful cream was especially formulated by Byrne Victor as an “Ageless Mystery” for the sake of Queen Josephine, the wife of Napoleon. Because of its miraculous results, the formula of this luxurious royal cream was kept secret for 100years. Luckily, now you can have it too! WORKS WONDERS DAY & NIGHT - The amazing formula of VIIcode T2 Oxygen eye cream provides constant care for your eyes. During the day, it helps withstand hypoxia, air pollution, UV light and electron radiation, protecting the skin against external damage. At night, it works to reverse the signs of aging by repairing damaged cells and rejuvenating your skin. Wake up feeling fresh and renewed! CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY - With a unique extraction process using mortar made from ice-cave stone, this is different to any other skincare method used and its results are remarkable. VIIcode also uses rare active oxygen plants, hand-picked from around the world and places them in an age-old stone mortar for fermentation under a constant temperature, thus creating create a natural skin repair instant activation System designed for the skin around the eyes to look healthy and radiant! INGREDIENTS AND EFFECTS - The T2 O2.5 eye cream is rich in rare active oxygen plant extracts, with a silky and delicate texture that intensely moisturizes the skin around the eyes. It effectively improves seven major eye-related skin issues: dark circles, eye bags, wrinkles, dry lines, eye troughs, puffiness and sagging skin. This eye cream rejuvenates and refreshes the skin delivering a noticeable youthful look. It is particularly suitable for mature individuals! TRUST THE SERVICES OF VIIcode AS THOUSANDS DID BEFORE - VIIcode provides luxurious care the eyes for more than 200 years and has been widely loved for the exceptional results. VIIcode is so confident about the effectiveness of this cream, that offers a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied with the results. Join us in the world of beauty today!
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