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**Uplift Eye Cream** Our Multi Peptide Eye Cream is packed with the most advanced anti-aging ingredients to lift your eyelids and brighten your eyes .5 fl. oz. Airless Bottle As we age, our delicate eye area becomes thinner and external influences such as UV radiation play a significant part in the appearance of dark circles. Uplift Multi Peptide Eye Cream helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles with Haloxyl. Regu-Age helps to reduce any excess fluid build up to diminish puffiness. Liquid Crystals restore your eyes moisture balance and reflect light. Our Uplift Multi Peptide Eye Cream uses 48 Peptides, yes, 48 to firm, lift and tighten the delicate eye area. Your eyes will be lifted, crow s feet will be diminished and sagging eyelids will be a thing of the past. Regu-Age Soy and rice protein visibly reduce puffiness around the eyes. Copper Peptides Regenerates the skin s appearance, giving new life to the skin s surface. Alpha Arbutin and Licorice Root Help fade under-eye discolorations. Phytocell Tec Malus Domestica A revolutionary anti-aging ingredient that promotes youthful looking skin. Haloxyl Reduces the appearance of dark circles by releasing excess under eye fluid build up. Argireline and Snap 8 Strands of amino acids that diminish the look of wrinkles by relaxing the appearance of expression lines, resulting in less noticeable wrinkles. Syn-Coll A tetrapeptide that helps the skin regenerate its appearance and look significantly younger. Liquid Crystals Crystals provide iridescent shimmer that reflects light and restores moisture balance in the skin. Spin Trap The smart antioxidant that traps free radicals and then converts the free radicals into nutrients that the body can reuse.

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