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OVERNIGHT HAIR TREATMENT: Moisturize and condition your hair overnight with this hair serum for damaged hair. Made with 100% vegan wax, this hair serum for dry hair restores hair and increases resistance and elasticity. ANTI-FRIZZ NIGHT SERUM FORMULA: Reduce frizz and add softness to your hair with this vitamin E serum that includes a blend of miracle oils to restore proteins, lipids and amino acids to your lovely locks. VEGAN NIGHT SERUM: Transport nutrients into your hair fibers with this anti-frizz hair serum that includes micro amino acids, Myrica Fruit Wax and bio-affinity that protects dry, damaged or chemically-treated hair. SHINE ENHANCING FOR DRY HAIR: Increase the elasticity, shine, flexibility and resistance with this hair serum for frizzy hair. Crafted with ceramides, this night hair serum increases softness and shine with color protection action. CUTICLE-SEALING HAIR SERUM: Give your hair the boost it needs with this overnight hair serum that features anti-aging action to protect dry or damaged hair from sun damage. This night serum for hair also assists with hair growth.
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