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    True Pheromones TRUERadiance – The Ultimate "Shine" Pheromone For Men Get the ultimate pheromone advantage with TRUERadiance. This is our ‘knight in shining armor’ blend of three pheromones designed to make you unstoppable with the perfect balance of trust, authority, communication and dominance. Use at work, at school, or in romantic settings where it acts as an overall relationship enhancer and balanced sexual tool. A great all around pheromone cologne and finishing touch to any outfit! How to Use TRUERadiance Pheromone Cologne Get the ultimate pheromone advantage from TRUERadiance with one to five sprays every four to six hours. Be prepared for everyone in the room to notice you. Total Pheromone Content Total Pheromone Content 6,000 mcg (30 mcg/spray) Pheromone Dosage Effective Dosage 1 to 5 sprays + Total Pheromone Drops Per Bottle Total Number Of Sprays/Bottle 200 sprays (+/- 10 sprays) Total Pheromone Volume Per Bottle Total Volume 30ML (1.0 OZ) Pheromone Scent Scented or Unscented? Scented AXE Kilo or AXE Pheonix Duration of Pheromone Effects Duration of Pheromone Effects 4 to 6 hours This is a highly communication based pheromone mix. Use to encourage communication with others. Can be used anywhere.

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