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    True Pheromones TRUELove – The Only MEO-EST Oil Based Pheromone For Men "Simply a remarkable mix" – After a much awaited two months from development to bottle, we present to you the worlds first oil-based MEO-EST pheromone mix. Designed for 3 things - enhancing communication, deepening trust, and heightening the serious feeling of masculine protection all while packing it into an oil based slow release formula. You just don't get much better than that... This product is one of the more well rounded products on the menu. It's also the worlds only MEO-EST based pheromone for men infused in oil and made by popular request from pheromone enthusiasts all around the world. The best part is, it's backed by a 100% Rock Solid Money Back Guarantee. Bragging rights? We sure do think so ourselves... How to Use True Pheromones TRUELove – The Only MEO-EST Based Pheromone For Men True Pheromones TRUELove mens pheromone cologne is an addictive and potent slow release pheromone oil. Start with one drop applied to a warm area of your body close to blood flow, such as behind each ear, and increase drops as you discover the best amount to achieve your desired results. Total Pheromone Content Total Pheromone Content 10,500 mcg (37.5 mcg/drop) Pheromone Dosage Effective Dosage 1 to 5 drops MAX Total Pheromone Drops Per Bottle Total Number Of Drops/Bottle 280 drops (+/- 10 drops) Total Pheromone Volume Per Bottle Total Volume 10ML Pheromone Scent Scented or Unscented? Unscented Duration of Pheromone Effects Duration of Pheromone Effects 8 to 10 hours Never use more than five drops of TRUELove every eight to ten hours. Due to its potency and slow release, reapplication of TRUELove throughout the day or night is not necessary (nor recommended).

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