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Ancient Greek Remedy authentic handcrafted soap is made of organic extra virgin Cold Pressed Olive, Lavender, coconut and castor oil. Pack of 2 4OZ/115gr luxury square soap bars with holder kit. therapeutic grade, VEGAN, NON GMO, CHEMICAL and PARABEN FREE, ANIMAL and ECO friendly as nature intended. Unlike brand names who use chemicals Our family recipe does not contain alcohol, artificial fragrance, soy or sulfate. We give OUR soaps 90 days to dry COMPLETELY so all Sodium Hydroxide is evaporating when the soap is dry. Each moisturizing soap promotes beauty and health solutions, each one from the 4 magic oils is a source of unique Vitamins that together create the ultimate solution all for your cleaning needs. OLIVE OIL is packed with vitamins to moisture the skin during the hard winter months, making it superb to use as a full body soap for beautiful skin. reduces facial dark spots, best moisturizer for dry flaky skin LAVENDER OIL is a known essential oil in aromatherapy, benefits include its ability to disinfectant the skin. Effective treatment for, rosacea, hives, eczema, psoriasis, itchy Skin Irritation, , seborrheic and atopic dermatitis. antibacterial and antiseptic reduce bacterial growth, ideal for healing wounds, COCONUT OIL skin moisture oil that makes an excellent cleanser. Coconut oil rids the skin of dirt and impurities, skincare moisturizer for itching sensitive skin, act as anti inflammatory. CASTOR OIL Known as the miracle oil is best used after a sauna or while in Detox to clean your pore BY getting rid of dead skin cells and excess oil while moisturizing your skin. Use for healing of cracked feet, reduces back acne and pimple, fade minor skin discoloration. Safe for Adult, man, woman, kids girls, boys, toddler and baby. Buy Now with complete confidence and experience ANCIENT GREEK REMEDY SOAP to its fullest

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