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Richenna Gold Henna Clinic Shampoo with Oriental Herb Formula \- 500ml * 1ea, 200ml * 1ea \- Made in Korea **How to Use** 1\. Wet hair thoroughly, pour proper amount of this product into hand and rub well between palms before applying since the product is thicker than other shampooing products. 2\. Apply to wet hair and work into lather. Massage the scalp smoothly and rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. * Repeat the process twice to get better result. * For additional conditioning, use with RICHENNA Gold conditioner or treatment. **Recommended Consumers** \- Consumers with oily scalp and hair \- Consumers suffering from drooping and oily hair in the afternoon due to the oil secretion \- Consumers who wish to clear out dandruff and itching and care into a health hair \- Consumers with thin and drooping hair \- Consumers who want a product to take care not only their hair but also their scalp

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