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PERFECT REMEDY FOR SOFT, PEELING NAILS: Nail Tek Hydrate 2 Moisturizing Strengthener is specially formulated for soft, peeling nails. This nail treatment contains a blend of active ingredients for maximum hydration, including calcium which offers nail fortifying properties, and Vitamins A and E which keep nails nourished and hydrated! Applied daily, it helps to seal, reinforce, and thicken the existing nails so you can proudly show off your strong and beautiful digits more than ever! NO MORE NAIL BREAKAGE: Like the rest of your body, your nails need a dose of hydration, too! Here’s Nail Tek Hydrate 2 Moisturizing Strengthener that’s infused with Pentavitin, a unique water magnet molecule that prevents moisture loss helping to accelerate growth by strengthening and protecting the natural nail from breakage. Safe to use on sensitive skin, this miracle ingredient is plant-derived and 100% natural so you can achieve healthy nails without any worries! VERSATILE, GO-TO DAILY NAIL TREATMENT: Transform your soft, peeling nails into reinforced, thicker digits with Nail Tek Hydrate 2 Moisturizing Strengthener for Soft, Peeling Nails! This nail treatment helps maintain strong, healthy, and nourished nails while regenerating damaged nail beds and protecting them against future damage. Use either on its own as a treatment, as a base coat or as a top coat to extend the longevity of your manicure. It’s an absolute must-have in your nail care routine! CRUELTY-FREE NAIL MOISTURIZER IN TWO PACKS: Get your nails back into fighting shape with Nail Tek Hydrate 2 Moisturizing Strengthener for Soft, Peeling Nails that comes in 2 packs! This means you’ll have a more lasting supply of your favorite go-to nail care treatment! Completely cruelty-free, DBP-free, and Toluene-free! Nourish your nails with the necessary repairing nutrients they need so you can go and have fun with favorite nail polish colors while your nails recover in style! MADE IN THE USA, TRUSTED BY PROS: Made in the US and award-winning! NailTek is voted as “Best Natural Nail Treatment” by Salon Professionals! Nail Tek is the go-to brand for products that treat, shape, and strengthen natural nails as well as beautify hands. Developed by medical doctors and salon professionals, each product is a unique and highly effective part of a complete program for natural nail care.
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