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One-Step Makeup Remover leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh with no residue! This product is designed to be a no-rinse makeup remover. No need for water, and the compact towels included with this set finish the removal process. Removes residual makeup while moisturizing with a customized blend of botanical and herbal oils. Contains no synthetic perfumes. The light fragrance is derived from a blend of natural botanicals and lemons. Noncomedogenic, all natural and organic ingredients. The included towelettes are biodegradable, can be used with water, and expand to the size of a dish towel. Safe for most skin types, particularly oily, dry, and combination. However, due to the natural ingredients, we recommend a patch test on skin that is prone to sensitivity first. All products are plant- and mineral-based, cruelty-free and ethically sourced. Never tested on animals.
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