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If you are looking for an all-natural, 100% vegan finishing oil hair spray that adds that finalizing touch to the hair styling process, the My Amazing healthy hair serum is a proven strengthening and nourishing resolution. The chemical-free oil mist is a paraben-free, sulfate-free and preservative-free hair product that incorporates essential proteins and vitamins that transform color faded and dull hair back to its youthful state. In theory, you should use the sheen spray continuously to allow it to strengthen and nourish, dry damaged hair. If you spend a lot of time outdoors for work or extracurricular activities, this is a mind-blowing hair solution with UV protection that will aid in safeguarding your hair against external elements such as the heat and sun. Ultimately, the oil hair spray is a two-in-one hair repair system that not only restores but also shields your hair. The hair repair serum comes in a three-ounce travel size bottle that makes it easy to take with you to work, to school, to the beach or overnight stays where you feel you will need a hair refresher. It’s easy to apply, by dabbing the oil on your palms and gently rubbing the oil through your hair evenly. The hair oil won’t leave a sticky residue, if applied properly, it will create a sleek shine making your hair look healthier than ever. If you have uncontrollable curly hair or hair that tends to frizz up in humid conditions, the hair oil moisturizer will reduce these occurrences. The hair protector spray can be used for both men and women and on all hair types. Product Details: (1) My Amazing Shine On Healthy Hair Oil Size: 3.00 Ounces

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