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  • Genuine Moon Glow branded product.
  • Creates up to 2.1 US Gal. of SFX Paint when mixed with water
  • As used at festivals, glow runs, paint parties etc
  • Non Toxic and conforms to EU1223/2009.
  • Made in the United Kingdom.

Color: **Blue**

Moon Glow Blacklight Special Effects Paint is designed to be thick and sprayed over crowds at parties, festivals, glow runs, charity events etc. We have manufactured a highly concentrated powder producing the most intense colours available. Our formulation takes minutes to mix and is super lightweight reducing shipping costs - Supplied as a powder concentrate. Simply mix the powder with warm water with a drill and mixing paddle (mixing instructions on the reverse of the pouch). Each pouch will create 1.6 - 2.1 US Gal of thick neon paint (depending on actual thickness required) or 1.3 US Gal of super thick gunge. Moon Glow Paint powder is 100% safe, non toxic and cosmetically certified. This product may stain.

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