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  • A New Generation Lipstick
  • 90% Less Wax and a Hyper Reflective Gel that Gives Extraordinary Wear
  • Does Not Feather or Bleed
  • Super Hydration and Line Filling
  • 15 Free Promise – Proven Clean Beauty Formulation

Lights On. The Mirenesse French Kiss Super Glossy Lipstick provides instantly glossier lips with its Vitamin C Ester, Vitamin E powerful antioxidant, anti- aging and youth promoting effects. **YOU WILL LOVE IT** Get superb hydration and luscious lips. Ultra smooth, lightweight and transparent 3D hybrid gel lip colour brightens the entire complexion. New Halosphere Pigment Technology brings new dimensions with light reflecting prisms never before possible. They will stare so give them something to look at! **LET’S GET IT ON** Apply directly to lips or apply with lip brush. Use lip liner to define lips before application. **WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU** Being lipid (fat) soluble, Ascorbyl Palmitate provides superior lip hydration as it can penetrate the skin and delivery results faster and gentler than water soluble forms of Vitamin C. This helps prevent cellular aging by slowing the cross-linking of collagen which hardens the skin, and it improves proteins and collagens life for better looking skin longer. This product also works perfectly with the antioxidant Vitamin E. Studies have also shown it to be more stable than L-ascorbic acid. **CLEAN BEAUTY 15 FREE** Mirenesse is pharmacist formulated of the highest quality, we combine the best of Australian Botanicals with Clinically Proven Cruelty Free and Safe Ingredients, all delivered with our proprietary TDDS Delivery System* for super fast results. **OBSESSIVELY FORMULATED** With 100+ awards and 30 years of pharmaceutical research, Mirenesse is Australia’s Number 1 online beauty brand and innovators of high quality, award winning make up and skin care. ***15 Free Promise*** Paraben Free - Phthalates Free - Mineral Oil Free - Petrolatum Free - Gluten Free - Alcohol Free - Paraffin Free - Propylene Glycol Free - Sulphate Free - Coal Tar Dyes Free - GMO’s Free - Lead Free - Formaldehyde Free - Synthetic Dyes Free - Synthetic Fragrance Free

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