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  • Natural anti-oxidants and powerful vegetable proteins
  • Ingredients grown on organic soil including soy, sea algae and rare Ugandan shea butter

Suitable for all skin types especially those with aging skins. Contains Plant Pseudocollagen (glycoprotein)- a living plant derived yeast that in nature actually holds plants in their upright postion - to bind moisture on the cellular level, creating a firmer, younger looking appearance. Squalane dervided from olives, gently hydrates and protects skin against dehydration. Use once or twice daily, great under make-up. A light non greasy eye gel that delivers and instant eye lift- creating a more youthful and toned appearance. Easily absorbed, it binds moisture on the cellular level, leaving skin soft and smooth. Contains my patented 'Plant Pseudocollagen' Plant Oils and Squalane from Olives to gently protect skin against dehydration. Ideal for use under make-up.

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