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HAIR BLESK - an all-natural formulation containing a natural and organic oils and vitamins. This hair rejuvenating oil formulation promotes growth by stimulating circulation, helps to retract skin cells inflamed from chemical procedures, while soothing dry and itchy scalp associated with dandruff. This versatile hair rejuvenating oil contains 19 kinds of natural and organic oils to improve the condition of damaged, color-treated, or processed hair without weighing it down. This unique formula improves the appearance of hair and corrects the damage caused by pollution, giving the hair and scalp nourishment for long and lustrous, problem-free hair. Fortifying, rebuilding, and nourishing, this hair oil formula leaves hair extraordinarily shiny, silky, and manageable. Directions for use : As a Deep Conditioning Treatment: Warm a teaspoonful of product (more for longer hair) over a hot-water bath until comfortably warm to the touch. Distribute onto dry hair, from scalp to ends. For best results massage into scalp. Leave on for 30 min to an hour (for overnight treatment-leave overnight). Shampoo well. Warning: DO NOT overheat the product, DO NOT use microwave.

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