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**EXPER Touch Screen Moisturizing Gloves - Touch screen fingertip,Lotion Infused for overnight treatment Do you still trouble in your dull dry cracked skin on your hands? Do you want a comfort spa treatment for your hands at home? Would you like restore your hands natural moisture and softness, then maintain the beauty of your hands ? EXPER Moisturizing gloves is your Perfect and Innovative Solution!!!** **How it works** As the inner gel lining comes in contact with your skin, the warmth of your feet activates the release of our medical-grade mineral oil and therapeutic botanical oils including: Jojoba Oil Olive Oil Grape Seed Oil **How to use:** Boost the skin-softening effect by applying your favorite foot cream before using moisturizing gel gloves. Wear gel moisturizing gloves at least 3 nights a week for best results; Every day use is recommended for dry cracked hands. Moisturize the skin with the gel gloves for 20-40 minutes that depends. Long term using would help to delay skin aging and make skin look beauty and smooth. **How they feel** The gloves are not meant to feel like soft cotton or silk against your skin. They include an inner gel lining which, at first, will feel dry and rubbery against your skin. But when they warm to the temperature of your body, your feet will be enveloped in medical-grade essential oils that provide a deep hydrating, spa- like treatment. **The results** You will not transform your skin overnight. But with regular, continued use, even the most difficult skin will become softer, smoother, and healthier. Bottom line: make Exper part of your regular routine and your hand will improve. **Package including** 1 pair Touch Screen Moisturizing Gloves

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