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  • Total age-defying creme born from Dior’s research on mother cells and its floral expertise.
  • Through the action of the age-defying eye cream, the eye contour appears instantly revitalized, as if freed from the marks of time, stress and fatigue.
  • Intensely smoother and firmer-looking, the eye area is open and illuminated, day after day.

Mothers to all other skin cells, they encapsulate life and youth. One mother cell alone can rebuild entire sections of skin thanks to its incredible division and differentiation powers. Unlike the body's other cells, skin mother cells infinitely duplicate, revealing the skin's exceptional potential to revitalize. The new Firming & Wrinkle-Correcting Eye Cream concentrates all the expertise of Dior Floral Science in an exclusive revitalizing technology. Dior Science has successfully decoded the natural revitalizing power of 4 exceptional flowers to energize the skin. By combining the floral ingredients with a next-generation vector, their assimilation by the skin is boosted.

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