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  • Create personalized designs
  • Sparkle where it matters
  • Place not scatter
  • Iridescent metallic colours
  • Make your own designs unique

Color: **Clear Stars** | Size: **11 Gram**

Perfectly cut metallic and holographic shapes in a variety of colours and shapes, made from a very soft foil which when applied, melds to the skin and can be used to create stunning body designs. Apply using a body glue or mastic/gum. When you have finished with the design then either shower off or use a mastic/gum remover. This is not glitter, is designed to be placed to create individual designs rather than scattered. Each shape has a distinctive backing side to be places against the skin Each container contains over five hundred individual shapes. The foil has high shine and is reflective under both UV and Strobe lighting. To apply to hair for stunning effects use the same method as for skin and wash out in the normal way.

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