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**Have you tried kinds of products to get rid of cracked, rough nails, discolorations, brittle and split toenails and fingernails? Are you hoping them would work, even just one of them? Our natural nail Repair Pen is formulated with natural ingredients to help - strengthen nails & soothe dry cuticles, helping to give your nails a complete makeover! How It Works: **Abandon the traditional methods of armor, oral medications, etc., while reduce the complexity of the process and discomfort. After the repair pen is applied, it will produce biofilm, isolate the infected tissue, treat the root cause of fungal infection, and restore the smooth, shine and health of the nail. Repairs & Protects Gently: From the restoration stage to the protection and after care stage, the solution will enrich your skin with all of its health benefits from the essential oils and vitamins. **Specification: **Item Type: Anti Fungus Nail Liquid Volume: 3ml Package included:4x nail fungus treatment pen **Caution: ** 1\. Not suitable for children and pregnant women. 2\. For external use only. 3.Do not use on injured or cracked skin. 4:Avoid contact with eyes and mucous memberanes, rinse thoroughly with water. 5.Test product on a small area 48 hours before use if any irritionoccurs, do not keep using. 6.In case of illness or allergies,discontinue use and seek medical advice. 7.Keep tightly closed when not in use. 8.Store at room temperature.

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